Rewiring Children For Success – A Parenting Strategy That Works

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Learn how to rewire children for success

All parents feel worry over their children. But, when confronted by a serious diagnosis like Autism or ADHD, the stakes are much higher. This course will teach you parenting techniques designed for the most difficult challenges. The key is channeling your love to bring out your child’s unique strengths.

This approach focuses on developing the ‘inner wealth’ of your children, empowering them. It will help you harness your love and support as the basic fuel which will improve their behavior. Nurturing your children will give them a sense of success, mastery, and happiness.

This video covers highlights from the first course in the series. Sharni Brodesky sets the groundwork for the approach. She explains how to shift our perspective on our children. This shift maximizes our children’s potential and enhance the loving relationship with them.

Sharni Brodesky is an Australian licensed psychologist with a Masters in Psychotherapy. She has over 20 years of experience in child, adolescent and adult mental health. She specializes in life transitions. Her work includes immigration, loss, anxiety, depression, parenting, as well as trauma.

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