Shira Bauer, B.A, C.L.T.

Shira originally grew up in South Africa. She made Aliya to Israel 8 years ago. She has been doing Counselling for many years and has been doing Logotherapy for the last few years. Shira has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is a Certified Logotherapy Counsellor. Shira has a passion to try and understand and help my clients. Shira says: "I get inspired seeing just how much Logotherapy helps".

Logotherapy is Viktor Frankl’s approach to counselling. "Logo" in Greek means "meaning".  It is therefore "Meaning-centered" therapy. Frankl was a psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust. He used his approach to help people before, during, and after the war. He helped people see that they are able to transcend any circumstance because they have a neshama, a spirit, that is pure and cannot be touched. He believed that in every person’s unique situation, there is a meaning and purpose that lies within it. Logotherapy facilitates and helps the person discover their own meaning to their individual circumstance.

Shira has found incredible results using the techniques of Imagery, Visualizations, and Inner Child Healing combined with special reflection on individual meaning and values. The use of "Self-transcendence" helps the client elevate his thinking to live a more enriched life. The client leaves the sessions with a deeper sense of self and tools to tackle life on their own, feeling supported and centered.  So if you’re feeling you can’t cope with life’s difficulties and are tired of struggling with trauma, anxiety, grief, depression or any emotional pain or suffering, don’t give up! LOGOTHERAPY CAN HELP!

Shira says: "I would so love the opportunity to help more people with these special and powerful techniques".