What is comprehensive care?

Affordable Family Therapy at The Place Jerusalem

Care for the Whole Family

Help for every member of your family

Affordable Group Packages

Therapy fees adjusted to make receiving help reasonable

Multiple Therapies

Each family member forges a deep relationship with their own therapist

Therapists Working Together

Our clinical team supports each other and plans together to help your whole family

Frequently asked questions

Our comprehensive care option offers you the chance to have multiple members of your family receive top care from our clinical team.

Speak to our intake team about receiving comprehensive care.  In the intake process we’ll tailer make a unique treatment plan for you.

Top quality professional care at a price you can afford.  Our clinicians have a broad range of specialties to help you and your family move forward towards the life you deserve.

Coordinated Care is a service offered by The Place to provide coordinated therapy services to groups of multiple clients. Contact Us

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