“Giving is catching!”
Batya Jacobs

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You want to be able to get up in the morning and embrace the potential of a new day. No more getting through the hours or sinking feelings as your packet of troubles tap you on the shoulder. You want, oh to just live an ordinary day.
What should be a natural part of being female hasn’t worked. Perhaps in fertility, perhaps around birthing, perhaps because of things in your past. New choices, new adjustments, it’s so hard.
Batya Jacobs can help. Batya is a Narrative therapist with over 20 years of experience. She has also completed the PUAH Institute- Fertility Medicine Halacha course.  Batya works on the PUAH fertility hotline for 2 hours each week.
Batya came to the world of therapy rather late. While clutching her honors psychology degree and dabbling in post graduate psycholinguistics research she put her efforts into raising her children. This unaccredited training coupled with her formative years as an involved family doctor’s daughter was formalized into the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s bachelor’s of social work.
She worked for a while in a therapeutic school during the intifada. She trained in the treatment of trauma, sexual abuse and the special features of the Ethiopian community. She then worked for the epilepsy association. Her deep understanding of epilepsy and her own brush with cancer makes her a great resource for those struggling with chronic illness. She also spent some time in the Welfare Office in Kiriat Sefer and the mental health clinic in Shimon Hatzadik and worked with both English speaking and Ivrit speaking clients.
Batya’s connection with the Place started when she joined the Playback troupe. Playback’s idea of taking a personal story and regenerating it through the troupe players melds well with Narrative therapy’s ideal of externalizing problems. Both take stories through different points of view making them more understandable, opening up any closed doors and giving a whole new world of re-think.
Batya knows problems can be serious and she takes them seriously. However, you will often hear joint, comfortable laughter coming from her room as she and her clients put problems in their place. Her clients say about her that she is very easy to talk to.
Batya has been to many training programs during her years in private practice. Addicted to learning, she has been to many specialist trainings in her own modality of Narrative therapy. As a member of Kids4Kids during the intifada, she attended a Grief Recovery course and learnt the art of producing digital stories for victims of terror attacks. She attended Nefesh Yisroel’s trainings and was a member of Nefesh Yisroel’s committee. She attended a Tahel National crisis center for religious women course on working with sexual assault for therapists. She was a therapist with Meital a group working with adult survivors of childhood assault and attended their trainings. She attends weekly re-training meetings to hone up her narrative therapy skills. 
Batya is also a published writer and her musings can sometimes be found in Mishpacha, Bina, Horizons Hamodia, and Ami.




Maintaining serenity

Chronic Illness

Living life in spite of the pain

Trauma & Abuse

Facing the fear

Certification & Training

• Fertility Medicine • Women’s Reproductive Life • Psycholinguistics • Trauma • Sexual Abuse • Epilepsy Treatment • Chronic Illness • Narrative Therapy • Grief Recovery • Terror Attack Management • Crisis Intervention • Sexual Assault