Miriam Futterman, O.T.R S.E.P

Hello, I am Miriam and I would like share with you a little about what I can offer you with my therapeutic expertise.

As a medical practitioner since 1975, I began integrating complimentary healing since 1978. My unique expertise synthesizes two powerful healing modalities, Jin shin Jyutsu, an ancient healing art using therapeutic touch and Somatic Experiencing, a more verbal therapy working with trauma through awareness of body sensations. Both therapies integrate the mind/body relationship.

We have all experienced the affects of the mind/body connection. When we were young, maybe the first time standing in front of the class, our face turning red, blushing because someone said something that embarrassed us. Or experiencing our hands sweating and possibly our stomach aching before going to our first interview. Or maybe feeling our heart pounding during a scary movie. And then there are those special moments, when we smell a particular fragrance and a vivid memory comes to mind. Or we hear a song and tears swell up, or are able to calm down after receiving a warm loving hug. These are all tangible expressions of the mind/body relationship.

Studies now show that any idea or thought transforms itself into a chemical that is immediately released into the body, affecting each cell. The body acts as a whole system with each cell from each organ "thinking" like the initial brain cells, sending messages through out the body telling us how we feel. For example, when we say, "I am thirsty", all of our organs simultaneously are saying this. This is reflected in our daily language, when we say, "I have a gut feeling", "I cannot digest this idea," "or my heart is sad," I target this cellular level of consciousness with my healing approach.

Through the 2 primary therapeutic modalities that I work with, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Somatic Experiencing, both the mind and body are affected and receive relief of stress and pain. The aliment can be a chronic or an acute condition. I often make the analogy that H20 is water, and it is also ice, snow, sleet, and vapor. This is the same with the mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves, they are all the similar but manifest differently. During my treatment session, I focus on both the physical and mental/emotional. The client wears clothes and can direct the session as to their level of comfort.

Our body is so brilliant, and is naturally wired to heal itself. We get new skin every month and new stomach lining every 5 days. Basically, 98% of the body is replaced every year and, in less than 4yrs the entire body is replaced down to each atom.

I also believe in the importance of empowering people to help themselves in their daily lives. Both Jin Shin Jyutsu and Somatic experiencing have important self-help components in which you, the client, is empowered; your self awareness is increased, and you have improved means through which you can effectively release stress and mitigate aliments. These tools of well being are profound in their healing abilities, are simple in their application and can be effectively used with ones self, with ones children or with other adults. Just as we needed to learn how to brush our teeth daily in between dentist visits, so to we all need to learn how to care for ourselves with these self-help tools of well being.

The following are some of the conditions I have effectively worked with:

PTSD * Cardiac issues * trauma and abuse* Pain & Stress management * Insomnia * Depression * Anxiety * IBS * digestive disorders * side affects from Chemotherapy and Radiation * Arthritis * impaired immunity * fibromyalgia

I see people privately, I also teach self-help to care givers and give self-help workshops. I look forward to speaking with you and meeting with you.

"I find that my sessions with Miriam provide me with increased insight, acceptance, calm, clarity and connection to myself and G-d. The Jin Shin Jyutsu and body work helps me to process and release previous experiences, as well as tensions and blockages I hold in my body. Through this work, I have learned to tune into and listen to my body and its messages; to be with the sensations and feelings that come up without fighting them or instantly trying to fix. That in of itself has been very healing. Miriam has a knack at discerning what’s going on for me and my ever-changing needs, and offers wisdom, empathy and genuine care. She also has a way of helping me get in touch with my own inner truth and wisdom." – Loren, 35

Miriam Futterman O.T.R S.E.P

Registered Occupational Therapist

Jin Shin Jyutsu and Somatic Experiencing Practioner