Brocha Martin, LMSW

Brocha is an aspiring social worker who grew up in Brooklyn and recently moved to Israel. Graduating from Long Island University with her Masters of Social Work, Brocha began her career working for a mental health clinic called Pesach Tikvah. Brocha’s clientele in the clinic included children, adolescents, and young adults. Brocha practices using CBT skills, psychoanalytic skills, and DBT skills, depending on the individual’s needs and case formulation. As well, Brocha incorporates the individual’s family and environmental influencers when necessary.

Brocha also worked for Chai Lifeline, a non profit organization helping children experiencing medical trauma. Brocha primarily used grief counseling techniques.

Brocha grew up spending a lot of her free time volunteering for organizations that help people in need. Brocha always enjoyed helping people and is living her dream by practicing her passion professionally. Brocha sees her job as an opportunity to create therapeutic relationships and help people get the life they deserve and want. As an outgoing and charismatic person, Brocha strikes a personal bond with her clients. Her caring and sensitive personality charges the atmosphere with a positive and non judgmental energy.