Post-Partum Support

The statistics claim that over of women after birth have some kind of post-partum reaction. For of these women, the reaction doesn’t pass in just a week or two. She might not be able to get out of bed. She may be filled terribly anxiety. Thoughts of harming the baby might begin to filter through her mind in an uncontrollable manner. She might even hear or see things which don’t exist. The causes of the reaction are complex and varied. However, one thing is clear the new mother simply cannot “snap-out of it”. She needs professional help. This help might be in the modality of medication. Psychotherapy might be recommended. Often a combination of both are deemed necessary.

Post-partum reaction does not occur because the mother doesn’t care about her baby. It does not occur because she is lazy or selfish. It is a serious mental illness which must be treated. And the faster it is treated the better the recovery.

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