Phobias, Anxiety & OCD

Many people think that they are alone with their fears. In fact, anxiety and phobias afflict many individuals and make their lives painful. People can become imprisoned by their fears. They might feel limited in what they can do. Imagine the frustration of a person who fears driving and can’t get his dream job because of it. This is the extent that a phobia can run a person’s life.

Obsessive compulsive behaviors or thoughts may start without warning and cause great social discomfort and personal anxiety. The Jewish religion mandates particular behaviors which may become compulsive, such as hand-washing. Cultural pressures may cause some people to become overly anxious about their performance of mitzvot. Sometimes it is a disturbing thought that simply refuses to leave. A person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is often filled shame and spends large amounts of energy hiding this disorder to others.

It is often necessary for someone suffering with phobias, anxiety and OCD to get professional therapy. So many times, a person will try to work it out on his own only to have the phobia or compulsion come back stronger than ever. Meeting with a religiously knowledgeable, sensitive and respectful therapist makes all the difference.

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