Emotional Eating

Food glorious food – well – yes and no. We eat to sustain ourselves-to help us get through our day. We also eat because its fun, tastes good, is satisfying. And then there are the times when our eating seems to spiral out of our control. We eat to fulfill deep emotional needs that we aren’t even aware of. We put on weight we don’t want. We yo-yo up and down on the scale. We may binge. We may purge. Whatever it is, food takes on its own dimension and personality if you please. We are unhappy with how we look and the control food has over our lives and the desires it fulfills.

At THE PLACE we understand how important body image and presentation are to people. In our society which for better or worse judges so much on externals the pressure can be high. Lena Shore is The Place’s expert on emotional eating. Her high level of training and education in this area will provide you both with solutions, tools and new found freedom as you develop other ways to get your emotional needs met.

Contact us to arrange an appointment if you or someone you love is in need of emotional eating counseling.