Support Group for Women after Divorce

If you’ve been through a divorce, it will help to meet women who understand what you are going through. Healing from divorce takes time, energy and resources. As time passes, you’ll encounter different stages and experience a variety of emotions. You want to be able to channel your energy to move forward, not to feel drained. This support group is a resource for you to build hope and inspiration with others who have been there too, to know that you are not alone in healing from divorce.

Why is it so important to meet other women who understand your struggles? Knowing that there are others like you who share these burdens, can support and energize you. A support group is a place where it is safe to be yourself, and an atmosphere of confidentiality is supported by all those in the group.

In addition to providing a meeting place for women who are divorced, this support group is topic-based, with a focus on building coping skills. Each week we will discuss a particular topic of interest. For example, we might talk about how to cope with loneliness, financial strain, emotional pain, or joint custody. If you’d like to suggest a topic for discussion, your ideas are welcome.

This group meets every other Wednesday at 21:30 at The Place.

The group is open to women of all ages who have been divorced or are finalizing their divorce.

Facilitator: Miriam Duskis, MA

Cost: 35 NIS per group

For information contact Miriam 052-711-5224 Email: