Mindfulness Groups

Listen to this talk about Midnfulness:

A weekly mindfulness group is now forming in the frum community to help you feel great & connected to life!

Mindfulness is the skill of relating to one’s thoughts, emotions, and body sensations in a particular way that helps overcome pain, sadness, and other uncomfortable feelings. Mindfulness skills have been studied extensively & shown to provide many benefits to those who practice them. These skills have been incorporated into today’s cutting-edge therapies such as DBT, ACT, and others due to its effectiveness.

The group will be led by a professional psychotherapist familiar with the application of mindfulness to real-life challenges.

Whether you are new to Mindfulness or just want to practice, whether you are in therapy for something or just want to grow, this group may offer you something both strikingly simple and life-changing.

Mindfulness skills can provide a broad range of benefits including:
  • Developing calm
  • Tackling anxiety & sadness
  • Improving relationships
  • Learning about yourself
  • Slowing down life when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Dealing with persistent physical or emotional pain
  • And more…
Research shows that mindfulness reduces anxiety, builds appreciation, and facilitates all types of healing.

Join Our New Mindfulness Groups!

Women’s Group: To Register Please Contact Lena Shore at 02-581-8299 or email her at LenaShore@Theplace.Org.Il

Men’s Group: Thursdays From 14:00-15:00 (Starting February 18th)
To Register Please Contact Avi Tenenbaum at 054-845-1458 (Between 9:00-13:00) or email him at avitenenbaum9@gmail.com

25 NIS per session

We will be using both formal & informal Mindfulness exercises in a 50-minute format for an almost symbolic fee. This is meant to be a simple but powerful resource for the general community for growth, or as an adjunct to clients of ours or others who can benefit from Mindfulness skills.

The groups are not focusing only on a particular pathology or population (e.g. Depression, Spouses of Mentally-ill)-and that is the beauty of it-that we will be applying these skills in general to the full spectrum of human experiences including thoughts, emotions, and physiological sensations or urges as a way of living better. The groups will be inclusive more so than exclusive.

These groups are not a group-therapy, and they are not meant to replace an individualized outpatient Mindfulness program for a specific pathology where patients are screened and worked with more intensively and personally. For that we would highly recommend Dr. Dina Wyshograd’s Israel MBSR program which is incredible.