Support Groups

There are some things you can’t tell your best friend. THE PLACE support groups are facilitated by caring professionals to provide a safe environment. Find strength and personal insight together with others who understand.

At the Place we support you with the following groups:

  • Wives whose husbands suffer from a mental illness – because there are some things you can’t share with your best friend.
  • Women after Divorce
  • Mindfulness
  • Healing From Divorce
  • Let It Go – For Women challenged with addictive Behaviors
  • Coffee Talk for Seniors
  • Social Skills groups.
  • Art and Drama course for teachers, gannenets, moms (techniques, tools, and skills to facilitate groups for children).
  • Social Skill course for teachers, therapists, other professional : How to facilitate this workshop.

Because no one understands like someone who’s there.

Completely Discrete. Run by a Caring Professional.

For more info contact:

Tel: 02-581-8299