Educational Psychology

We are proud at THE PLACE to have expanded our services to include educational psychology.

It is well known regarding children that the earlier an issue is recognized, understood and dealt with, the simpler and shorter it will be to intervene and the more complete will be the outcome.

Our educational expert, Shlomo Golub, can assess the situation and guide you.

Here are some of the services offered:

Assessment: Informal assessment or formal evaluation of many issues including cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social issues. Includes diagnosis, recommendations, and referrals to relevant specialists.

Therapy: Educationally-relevant therapy addressing social skills, anxiety related to school work, testing, or socialization, selective mutism, aggression, depression, bullying, trauma, sexual abuse and many other issues.

Consultation: Adjusting parenting and education to account for the style of the specific parents and the nature of the specific children.

Adults, Couples and Families: Assessment of learning disabilities, ADHD and the like and guidance as to how to adjust for these things in order to bring to increased success in life’s tasks.