February 19, 2019 @ 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm
The Place
2 Sheshet HaYamim Street
30 NIS per Person
Rabbi Shlomo Kory
The Place, The Jerusalem Centre for Emotional Wellbeing is proud to invite the Women of the community to:

Inter-Personal Communication Skills Series

Expressing Yourself

Tuesday February 19th, 2019

Facilitated by Rabbi Shlomo Kory

In this seminar we will explore the different ways you can express yourself . There are 5 patterns of expression that were codified by family therapist Virginia Satir. All of our communication uses one or a blend of these patterns. Here are 7 possibilities of how you could speak to neighbors who keep making noise late at night after building residents have asked them not to. It is important to keep in mind that there is no “correct” approach. Theoretically, any of these could be correct; it depends on the people involved and on the situation.

Blamer: “Stop making noise late at night!”
Placator: “I am really sorry to bother you again but I was just wondering if it might be possible to try to make less noise late at night…”
Computer: “There is a rule in the building not to make noise after 11:30…”
Distractor: “What was that beautiful music you were playing at 11:30 last night?! … “
Leveler: “I need to ask you to please not make noise late at night…”

Here are two examples of mixing and blending the 5 patterns.
  • “I am really sorry to bother you with this again but I need to ask you not to make noise late at night because it disturbs us. Last night was a bit less disturbing because we enjoyed the soft classical music that you were playing, but in general it does interfere with our sleeping so we would really appreciate it if you didn’t make noise after 11:30. Thanks so much…”
  • “Unfortunately once again there is a need to tell you that the noise coming from your apartment late at night is quite disturbing. I would like to remind you that there is a rule in the building not to make noise after 11:30 at night. In light of this, we would appreciate it if you would please make more of an effort to refrain from making any loud noise after 11:30. Thank you,”

The goal of the seminar is to become aware of the various options we have to express ourselves and how to use them for improved, more effective communication.

For Information or to register call 052-763-7029, or write ShlomoKory@gmail.com

30 NIS per person, For Women Only

The Place, The Jerusalem Centre for Emotional Wellbeing
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