Here are just some of the thank-yous and testimonials that we have received from our Jerusalem psychotherapy clients and their families at The Place.

"Thank you so much for giving me back my wife. She can now enjoy our children and life together." – AL

"I really feel the change. I understand things better and can accept others more easily without getting angry." – RC

"We’re getting along so much better now, thank you we really don’t need to come back!" – YS & NS

"The best dietician I have worked with is called Lena Shore. She is superior in her knowledge of healthy eating, understanding all the latest research on heathy carbohydrates as opposed to any carbohydrates, and emphasizing the importance of choosing the right type of protein, not just lumping them all together. She gave me many wonderful tips and suggestions on how to not go into starvation mode, because I forgot to prepare a meal or I was out running around. I found her medical knowledge, and knowledge of body responses an asset to her nutritional knowledge. She is also very skilled in helping a person overcome psychological stumbling blocks to eating issues, if you need that type of thing. If not, I’m sure she will be more than capable of creating a diet plan for you, no matter what your needs are." – RC

"All in all things are going way better than I could have ever hoped for. Remember how not that long ago I was asking you [Lena Shore] if there’s any hope for my husband (& you very smartly answered yes, especially in light of his being such a kind person). Now, although still needing more sleep than an average person, he’s back to being the warm kind husband & Abba that he really is. The atmosphere at home is of a regular happy family, and the kids are B"H thriving. When I look at my oldest girl, it’s hard to recognize in her the same person as the one who had OCD last year." – TC

"I find that my sessions with Miriam provide me with increased insight, acceptance, calm, clarity and connection to myself and G-d. The jin shin jyutsu and body work helps me to process and release previous experiences, as well as tensions and blockages I hold in my body. Through this work, I have learned to tune into and listen to my body and its messages; to be with the sensations and feelings that come up without fighting them or instantly trying to fix. That in of itself has been very healing. Miriam has a knack at discerning what’s going on for me and my ever-changing needs, and offers wisdom, empathy and genuine care. She also has a way of helping me get in touch with my own inner truth and wisdom." – Loren, 35