Sheila Segal, B.Ed

Mrs. Sheila Segal received her Bachelors of Education Degree from Michlala Teachers Training College in Jerusalem. She has been involved in the field of education for close to 30 years, both as a reading specialist and in limudei kodesh. Presently she is on staff at Darchei Bina and Baer Miriam seminaries in Yerushalayim. She also lectures for Ner Le’elef and Ohr La’gola kiruv programs.

She received coaching certification from Neve Yerushalayim Zaidner Institute-Maalot in 2009. Sheila has been a kallah teacher for the past 28 years and serves as the National Coordinator for JME (Jewish Marriage Education). She is a presenter for the Shalom Task Force workshops in Israel, leading workshops for safe dating in seminaries. She uses a combination of CBT and narrative therapy in her coaching to assist clients to clarify and reach goals.

"I believe that most people can date successfully and manage relationships well, given the right tools and techniques," Sheila Segal maintains. "Partnering with a coach creates a synergy that allows progress and movement, in many areas of life."

Social skills training, enhanced listening and communication skills, and self awareness are some of the tools she uses to empower her clients.

Area of Specialty: My target group is older singles who are dating unsuccessfully. ​ ​I provide objectivity and support, especially for those singles who are managing their shidduchim on their own. In some cases, it is because their parents are not able to emotionally support them, or because they are unsure of how to navigate the shidduch process themselves. I also meet with parents to offer guidelines on how best to help their child through this unfamiliar territory. Mentoring clients through the dating process, we embark on a journey of self awareness and clarity, in the process gaining social skills like better listening and enhanced communication skills. Through coaching, clients are empowered to make lasting changes that can improve their satisfaction in life and allow them to make healthier choices.