Gershon Swimmer, M.Sc.

Gershon has over 25 years of experience with addictions and his specialty is working with couples affected by addictions or OCD. Gershon takes a systemic approach and works with both parts of the couple as the key to therapy and, more significantly, long-term sustainability in the couple’s recovery process. Once the addict stops using or an individual is working in other ways to manage his or her anxiety outside their OCD, then the real therapy begins for each part of the couple. That is where he works best to help restore the relationship and allow it to thrive.

Although Gershon specializes in working with addictions and OCD, he has been successful working with all types of individuals and couples both pre and post marital. Gershon looks at his clients from a family systems perspective and his main modalities include: CBT, EFT, gestalt, and behavioral work combined with psycho-dynamic therapy.

Gershon’s current and past caseload also includes molestation, incest, bi-polar, depression and lack of functioning, trauma, and OCPD.

Gershon has lectured on addictions at the Yanar Institute and will be lecturing in 2016 at the Neve Family Institute’s Continuing Education Program on “Integrating Psycho-therapy and the 12 Step Program” for the Ner LeElef Center For Jewish Leadership Training Program and the Gruss Smicha Program on working with couples and addiction (Gruss is the Israel campus of YU), and for Path which is a post Yeshiva program that gives certifications in marriage and family counseling and addiction counseling.

He received his BS in Business Administration from the University of Hartford in 1982, his MSc. in 2011 from the University of North Texas, and completed a two-year post-graduate training program at The Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim.

Gershon made aliyah in December of 2008 and can be helpful in working with olim Hadashim and ba’alei teshuvah who are struggling with their integration process.

His background also includes a 25-year successful multi-industry and entrepreneurial career devoted to establishing relationships and managing people.

This diversity of accomplishments enables him to relate and work with many different types of people from all backgrounds to build productive, healthier, and happier lifestyles.