Avraham Weitz, M.Sc.

Specialty – Couples/Marital Therapy and Intimacy

Avraham Weitz made Aliyah from New York 13 years ago. In addition to being an ordained rabbi, he earned an MSc from the University of North Texas with a focus on counseling and family therapy. Avraham completed two years of training in a postgraduate clinical program at The Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim where he treated individuals, couples and families. As director of a well-respected Jerusalem clinic and on the staffs of several Jerusalem agencies, Avraham believes that one of the key ingredients to what makes a great therapist is – humility. In his words:

Humility is knowing that life, people and the challenges we face are complex, and, that one cannot be a master therapist in everything. I have come to believe that the best clinicians are those that specialize in a particular area, are truly passionate about that specialty and are constantly learning and training in that niche with the drive to become the best they can be. When that happens, I think we, as therapists, can give you the highest quality, professional and caring therapy that you, the client, truly deserve.

As a therapist, Avraham is grateful to have found his passion – working with couples.

At its core, he believes successful therapy is when the couple is able to begin to more and more connect with, feel and see one another. For this to happen, the therapeutic space must be safe for both individuals, a place where as they become more secure will be more willing to open up and share themselves. Growth as a couple is seen in each of the individuals feeling more understood, seen and heard. The couple over time becomes less reactive and more conscious. Each person begins to take more responsibility. Ultimately, the couple begins to see what was once painful and an obstacle as now a place latent with healing and growth, both as a couple and as individuals.

Avraham’s practice is based primarily on the the Imago Relations therapeutic modality, along with an eclectic mix of the evidence-based Gottman Method, Jewish Psychology and Guided Imagery. Couples having worked with him (yes, it is work:) come away having gained the skills and developed the awareness and insight enabling them to restore and deepen their connection. Avraham works with a diversity of couples spanning the religious spectrum, in both English and Hebrew.