February 18, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Place
2 Sheshet HaYamim St
35 NIS per session or 100 NIS for the series
Tzvi Werther, LMHC

Understanding Innate Health

The Three Principles and Innate Health are a cutting-edge understanding that is transforming the entire field of psychology.

As a pseudo-science, psychology has offered many theoretical approaches and techniques, but has never put forward fundamental principles that underpin all of experience – until now. Join us as we illustrate and describe the elemental principles behind every compound of human experience. These principles are not a cure, intervention, or technique, but rather the very basis of each and every personal reality. As professionals and laypeople alike begin to insightfully comprehend the single, constant orchestrator behind the scenes of every episode – however pleasant or unpleasant, a clarity emerges that simplifies life, takes chronic rumination off our minds, settles us down, and points us toward our natural, innate resilience.

In the first session we will lay out the Three Principles and demonstrate their relevance for anyone, no matter their past or current circumstances and regardless of whether there is mental stress or illness. In the second session we again lay out the Three Principles simply as an understanding, particularly as a fundamental truth or fact about life, rather than “using” the Three Principles as a technique or tool. In the third session we will share some the immediately impactful implications about resilience and well-being that begin to insightfully emerge through an understanding of the Three Principles Paradigm. Each session will have time for questions and group discussion. No sharing of your personal struggle or private story is necessary. Just sit back relax and let the insight come to you.

Tzvi Werther was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he formed a deep bond with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Twerski. At their request, Tzvi has led the formation and organization of the Twerski Wellness Institute with the mission of bringing an understanding of Innate Health and the Three Principles Paradigm to the greater Jewish Community. Tzvi is a licensed mental health counselor and resides in Brooklyn, NY.